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This photo is the coverpage of Everlasting Blossoms 1st edition published by

This is the web blog in memory of Ms. Anna L.Y.W. Ho (1914 – 1996) who is the creator of Everlasting Blossoms (or may call it as Everlasting Flowers.)

Everlasting Blossom is made of traditional Chinese knitting wool.

It looks just like the real flower, according to all viewers’ comments.

The only different between Everlasting Blossom and real flower is Everlasting Blossom does not have fragrance but last as the blossom flower in spring forever.

This blog is going to roll out by Traditional Chinese and translated into English gradually in order to induce the Everlasting Blossoms to different people around the world, for the sake of filial piety in a Chinese way.

For my lovly mother Anna Ho.

Anna  conducted the opening ceremony at Tainan, Taiwan.

( The right side of Anna is the former Tainan Mayor)

About the author:

Myra Ho (Chang, HoYouWen), the elder daughter of Anna and grew up in the trouble times of China.

Myra is the former principal of St. Anne Chinese School, San Francisco.

The author of this bolg –

Myra Ho and the exhibition in San Francisco.

Everlasting Blossoms is now available, check it out on

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